Scuba Diving for Beginners & Certified Divers

Dive in Makena, Wailea, Kihei and Kaanapali. Maui has beautiful dive sites for beginner, advanced and experienced scuba divers.


Dive with Chris in Makena, Wailea, Kihei or Kaanapali. Chris specializes in introductory discovery dives for beginners, PADI Open Water Certifications, Advanced Certifications and guided day and night dives. Call Chris at (808) 219-3336 for more information.

First Time Diving?

If you're new to scuba diving, read further about learning to dive in Maui.

I have booked 26 private dives with Chris. All I have to do is show up. He takes care of everything including setting up the gear and going over the dive plan with me. I am a worrier by nature and Chris is extremely patient always making me feel safe. If you are going to dive Maui, I highly recommend Chris!
— Tricia Rose
I had a great dive with Chris. The dive was beautiful and full of fish and turtles. He provided an excellent service, meeting us at Makena Landing with brand new gear and he took care of the equipment set-up and breakdown. If you’re diving in Maui, call Chris!
— Steven Warther
I met Chris at Makena Landing in the afternoon where he had all of our gear set up and ready to go! As a first time diver, Chris made me feel very comfortable and confident before we got into the water. He made sure I knew everything I needed to succeed once we started. After teaching me a few necessary skills in water, we descended and started our adventure. Throughout the dive Chris lead the way and I was able to see beautiful fish, eels, and reefs! I never had any issues during the dive because Chris prepared me very well. I couldn’t have asked for a better first dive, and I will definitely book more trips in the future! Thanks Chris!
— Matt Lawrence

Guided Dives in Maui

Add Maui to your logbook and join Chris on a guided dive.

Reef Diving

Wildlife Viewing & Relaxing

Reef diving in Maui is incredible. A steady pace is held as we will coast over reefs swimming with fish, sea turtles, eels and we'll keep an eye out for spotted eagle rays. This is the best dive for wildlife viewing and for divers who haven't dove recently.

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Night Diving

Slow & Strange Wildlife

Diving in the evening is for the wildlife admirer who isn't afraid of the dark.  This calm, snail pace dive is focused on swimming along a reef and taking time to be in awe of the nighttime wildlife also known as the shift change. 

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Diving Goodness

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