Earn Your PADI Advanced Open Water (AOW) Certification in Maui, Hawaii

As a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, you will participate in 5 adventure dives, where you will learn advanced skills to improve your confidence and abilities while scuba diving.

Similar to your Open Water training, before each dive you will learn skills on land, which you then will practice in the water. Each adventure dive has it's own requirements to practice and pass. Continuing your diving education in Maui allows you to dive over 2 to 3 days, while exploring multiple beach parks and shore dives. Below is more information about the 5 adventure dives you will be completing.


Ready to dive a little deeper?

During your PADI Open Water Course, you learned how to dive under 40'. On your deep dive, we're going to pass 40' and slowly make our way down to 60'.

During this dive you will experience being deeper, monitoring your air consumption, handling your buoyancy under greater pressure and practicing a safety stop. After you're a PADI AOW Diver, you can participate in dives that go down to 132'.



Learn how to plan and navigate a dive.

An extremely useful skill to have in diving is navigation. It's so important, you will also perform navigation during your Night Dive and Search & Recovery Dive.

During this dive you will be using natural features to navigate, along with a wrist compass and watch to measure your distance.

Taking turns being the leader, each diver will swim a straight line and back, then a square and a triangle. Together, everyone in the group will take breaks to surface to learn how being slightly off course can lead you far away from your destination.



Learn how to dive in the dark.

Diving at night is awesome! After a day dive, we will plan a night dive at the same dive site so you are familiar with the conditions. At sunset we will put on our gear, grab our lights and head into the water.

During this dive you will practice swimming slowly, observing nocturnal wildlife, practice light signals, navigation and turning your lights off to observe the glowing plankton.

Peak Buoyancy

Swimming through hoops.

Buoyancy is a skill you will continually master the more you dive. During your Open Water training, you hovered using your low-pressure inflator and via oral inflation.

For your AOW Certification, you will practice hovering for extended lengths of time, determining your proper weight, swimming through hoops at different depths, hovering upside down and practicing hovering inside a hula-hoop – don't laugh it's much harder than you think!


Search & Recovery

Refine your navigation skills in a smaller area.

Remember how important navigation is? For your Search & Recovery dive you will practice swimming in compact patterns looking for an object. This dive is fundamentally a sophisticated navigation dive teaching you how to create a plan to recover an object lost underwater, while navigating a small area with a rocky bottom.

You will be using the skills you learned on the navigation dive, and taking them to the next level as you swim an expanding pattern, while continually turning 90 degrees.


Your PADI Advanced Open Water Certification Will Be Challenging, Rewarding and Fun

During you PADI AOW Certification with Chris, you will take one baby step after another. Nothing will be rushed, and you will practice the skills at a comfortable Aloha speed.

You probably have questions about your Advanced Open Water Certification. Below is answers to commonly asked questions.

Class Schedule

Certification takes 2 to 3 days to complete, and dives are held in Makena, Wailea, Kihei and Kaanapali. Here's a common schedule: 

Day 1 has 3 Dives: Navigation + Peak Buoyancy + Night

We start early and practice basic navigation, then we can practice buoyancy and take a break before meeting up in the evening for a night dive.

Day 2 has 2 Dives: Deep + Search & Recovery

We start by slowly going deeper, then take a break before we practice more navigation for Search & Recovery. 

Is there a test?

Nope. But there is a book to read.

During each of the 5 adventure dives you will tested on skills as pass or fail. Any skills that are troubling will be worked on until you're comfortable performing the skill.

Age requirement?

You have to be 15 years old to participate in PADI's AOW Course.

Children older than 12 can earn their Junior AOW Certification.


You must provide your own transportation. 

If you don't have a rental car, you can use a taxi, or use Uber.


To become a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver costs $559 per student. There's no hidden fees and the price includes everything:

  • 5 training dives.
  • 5 outdoor classroom sessions, prior to each dive.
  • All scuba gear rentals, tanks, taxes, PADI Advanced Open Water Book and PADI certification fees.




After your dive, you can not fly or visit an elevation over 2,000 feet for 18 hours.

This means, you can not visit the summit of Haleakala or fly over to another island until 18 hours after your dives concludes. Chris will remind you of this during your dives, but if you have any questions please contact Chris at (808) 219-3336

Continue Your Diving Education in Maui

Call Chris at 808.219.3336 to book your PADI Advanced Open Water Certification.