You Will Never Forget Your First Scuba Dive

Complete your introductory scuba class for beginners in Maui.

Taking your intro to scuba in Maui is easy. Your first dive will be held at a beach park in either Kihei, Wailea, Makena or Kaanapali - depending on where you’re staying and current weather conditions. Each beach park makes learning to dive convenient and safe – and each park has showers, restrooms, free parking and easy access to the water. If you’re visiting Maui with a group, any non-divers are welcome to come along and enjoy the beach while you learn to dive!

Your introduction to scuba diving is relaxing and slow-paced.

When learning with Chris, you will not be rushed and will have plenty of time to ask questions and get comfortable before entering the water. On the day of your dive, you will meet Chris at the dive site, and he will have all your scuba gear and dive plan ready. After 30 minutes of learning the basic scuba safety skills and equipment, you will put on your gear and head into the water.

To get started, you will begin swimming at the surface with a scuba regulator to become comfortable breathing in the water. This is exactly the same as snorkeling, only you're breathing air from a tank. After everyone in the group is relaxed, you will descend down to less than 10 feet, and get comfortable breathing underwater. Then you will practice 2 quick skills with Chris, and once the skills are done you will be diving across coral reefs and stopping to view sea turtles, fish, eels and spotted eagle rays.


I had a great dive with Chris. The dive was beautiful and full of fish and turtles. He provided an excellent service, meeting us at Makena Landing with brand new gear and he took care of the equipment set-up and breakdown. If you’re diving in Maui, call Chris!
— Steven Warther

Being Nervous Is NORMAL!

Everyone is nervous on their first dive. If you have any anxiety about being underwater, you will be impressed by how quickly you become comfortable diving! When learning how to dive with Chris, you will be in a small group and under zero pressure to have the dive completed by a certain time. Chris has taken hundreds of scuba beginners on their first dive, and still remembers how nervous he was on his initial journey below the surface.

How to manage anxiety underwater?

Being nervous is natural. You should be a little nervous about your first dive. Staying underwater for 30-45 minutes isn’t something you naturally do. But as natural as the stress is, the solution is even more natural. The solution to eliminating anxiety underwater is to simply breathe.

What will happen underwater, is after 1 minute your brain is going to tell you to swim up to the surface. This is your mind worried about your survival. Chris knows exactly what you're experiencing in the first few moments of your intro dive. He will be the first one to admit that he swam to the surface twice on his first dive.

Throughout your introductory dive, Chris will be there with you, reminding you to take deep yoga breaths anytime anxiety occurs.

But...what if I freak out?

If you freak out, no problem! It happens sometimes, and if you are feeling scared underwater, Chris will safely bring you up to the surface, and together your group and Chris will float at the surface and calm down. After a few minutes, the group can return to diving, or if you’re not enjoying the experience, you can end the dive - but this is very rare. Typically, returning to the dive tells your brain that everything is okay, and you can continue diving.

Don't worry about disappointing your group or significant other. There is no rush to finish your dive by a certain time. Your introductory dive is personalized to make you comfortable underwater and ensure you have an enjoyable dive!

Your Intro To Scuba Diving Will Be Easy & Fun

On your PADI Discovery Dive with Chris, you will take one baby step after another. Nothing will be rushed, and you will learn how to dive at a comfortable Aloha speed.

You probably have questions about your first dive. Below is answers to commonly asked questions about your first time scuba diving.

How much is an Intro/Discovery Dive?

Your introduction to scuba diving costs $89 per diver. This price includes all gear rental, tanks and taxes.

What’s the benefit of a Intro Dive?

If you have an interest in diving, you have 1 of 2 options. You can commit and purchase a PADI Open Water Course, or you can book an additional PADI Discovery Dive.

The benefit of a Discovery Dive is you get experience scuba diving for the first time in a small group, in tropical conditions. No boats, or rough seas or crowded pools. You get to discover diving with a high-level instructor at convenient beach parks with facilities and close amenitites.

After your Discovery Dive, you can book a second dive for $40 for the same day, or start your PADI Open Water Course, and use your Discovery Dive as your first certification dive of the 4 needed to complete your PADI Open Water Certification.

How deep will I dive?

30 feet maximum. Learning to dive in Maui allows you to get comfortable in the ocean and practice skills in shallow, high-visibility water. You will start your intro dive under 10 feet deep, and after you're comfortable with breathing underwater, you will be diving between 15 and 30 feet, swimming over coral reefs, taking breaks to hangout with turtles and rays.

What will we do during the dive?

To start, you will have a 30-minute outdoor classroom session with Chris. He will teach you how to properly use your scuba diving gear, how to use hand signals underwater, how to breath and kick efficiently, how to handle anxiety and the 3 most important rules of scuba diving.

  1. Never hold your breathe.
  2. Never exceed 1 foot per second.
  3. Always equalize.

After the classroom lesson, you will put your gear on and walk into the water.

What skills will I learn?

During your intro dive, you will learn 2 skills that every scuba diving beginner needs to know. These 2 skills will be useful to you throughout your diving endeavors. The skills you will learn are:

  1. How to clear water from your mask. 
  2. How to recover and clear your regulator.

The skills are easy, and Chris will demonstrate each skill before having you perform the task. Both of these skills we be performed on a sandy bottom, in shallow water. In the event you get nervous during the skill you can simply stand up out of the water.

What's the age minimum?

You can take a PADI Discovery Dive as young as 10 years old. It’s a perfect activity for a family, and if you have kids they will likely excel at diving quickly.

What will you see during your dive?

During your introductory dive you will see an array of Maui ocean life. When diving, you never know what you we see, but in Maui it's common to see a variety of fish, green sea turtles, eels, crabs, spotted eagle rays, octopus, dolphins and white-tip reef sharks.

Should I be worried about wildlife?

No. During the dive you will be swimming with fish and turtles. The rule is, look but don’t touch. The same goes for the coral or anything you see during the dive. As divers, we want to respect wildlife and not touch or kick anything during the dive.

How long is the dive?

Most introductory dives last between 30-45 minutes. Since it’s your first dive, you will breath air quicker than normal. Whoever in your group is running the lowest on air, will determine the length of the dive.

Overall, the entire time for your first dive should take 90 minutes. This includes a few minutes for paperwork, 30-45 minutes of dry-land orientation and 30-45 minutes for the dive. Afterwards, Chris will help you take your gear off, and you are welcome to ask Chris questions about diving or traveling through Maui.

What gear does Chris provide?

Chris will provide everything you need for your introductory dive - including your BCD, regulator, mask, fins, wet-suit, weights, gauges and tanks. Chris uses new gear that is simple and easy to use, making your first dive a breeze.

If you have a prescription mask, please bring it along with you, or if you need a prescription mask, please contact Chris and he can suggest shops to visit to rent a mask.

If you have your own fins, wet-suit or other gear that makes you feel more comfortable while being in the water, feel free to bring them to your intro dive.


It was my first time scuba diving and Chris made it an unforgetable experience! Great instruction from start to finish, I felt very safe and he was always checking that I was comfortable with the equipment and doing well. The water was so clear, saw so many different types of fish, turtles and beautiful coral. He’s very knowledgable about scuba equipment, water conditions and the area. Perfect instructor for beginners, or more skilled divers who want to explore Maui.
— Andrea Sonja

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Can I bring a camera?

Yes!!! GoPro's and smaller cameras are best to bring on your first dive.

Chris will hold onto your camera when the dive starts. After everyone in the group is calm underwater, Chris will hand you your camera. This is so you don’t lose the camera during your first descent. If you drop the camera, you can become overworked underwater, leading to stress. Please do bring a strap or a cord to attach the camera to your wrist or arm. The video below is an idea of what you will be seeing as your start your dive in shallow waters.

Diving depends on weather.

Chris will pick the best beach park to learn diving based on current weather conditions.

Below is a few more answers to commonly asked questions.


You must provide your own transportation to the dive site. If you don't have a rental car, you can use a taxi, or use Uber. Uber is awesome on Maui!

When will I know where we’re diving?

Chris will contact you a few days before your dive, and let you know what beach park will be the closest to you, and have the best diving that day. Depending on the weather, the dive site might be a few minutes from your lodging, or it might be 45-minutes away. If weather suddenly changes, Chris will contact you to discuss moving the dive to another beach park.

What beach parks?

Intro dives are held at: Makena Landing & Ulua Beach

What time do we dive?

The AM and early PM is the best time to dive. Most dives start at 10am, but dives can be schedule starting at 7am until 3pm. Dives in the AM are best due to Maui’s typical daily weather. Mornings have calm waters and little waves, while in the afternoon the trade-winds pick-up, causing waves and decreasing the visibility in the water.



After your dive, you can not fly or visit an elevation over 2,000 feet for 18 hours.

This means, you can not visit the summit of Haleakala or fly over to another island until 18 hours after your dive concludes. Chris will remind you of this during your introductory dive, but if you have any questions please contact Chris at (808) 219-3336

Ready To Learn To Dive in Maui?

Reserve your intro dive for $89 below, or contact Chris at (808) 219-3336