Yes It's Easy! Get Your PADI Open Water Certification and Start Diving Around The World.


If you ever considered becoming a scuba diver, Maui is the place to learn! There's over 30 miles of beaches in Maui, allowing you to learn scuba diving on tropical, sandy beaches.

On your dives you will work directly with Chris, learning the skills needed to be a safe diver. Outdoor classes are held before each dive, and after learning the skills required you will be diving around reefs full of sea turtles, eels, rays, reef sharks and dozens of Pacific fish species. (It's way more fun to learn on a coral reef than a pool, right!?)

Getting certified teaches you the fundamentals of safe diving practices, how to use your gear correctly, how to read dive tables, plan your dives conservatively and how to be an awesome dive buddy! Specifically, during your diving training you will learn how to:

  • Breath properly from your regulator.
  • Equalize your ears.
  • Clear water from your mask.
  • Swim and kick efficiently with fins.
  • Increase and decrease your buoyancy.
  • Read depth and air gauges.
  • Communicate underwater with hand signals.
  • Properly ascend and descend.
  • Dive with sensitive wildlife.
  • And more!

Learn to Scuba Dive in a Small Class

Diving classes are planned for four divers per group. Keeping dives to four students allows Chris to focus on each individual, while allowing plenty of time to practice skills, swim with turtles, take photos and get comfortable in the water.

Once you're a PADI Certified Open Water Diver, you can go anywhere in the world and participate in guided dives, and rent your own scuba gear. Plus, after certification you can start diving at night, on scooters, with full-face masks, with Nitrox, in caverns and more!


Scuba diving, as thrilling and life changing as it seems from afar, can be a tad daunting for those who have never experienced it. Until this afternoon, I was one of those people. Living in Maui, snorkeling is a regular hobby that I can enjoy more often than most but now that I’ve experienced diving, I don’t think snorkeling will ever again suffice. Chris was an incredibly patient, knowledgeable and reassuring instructor who took the time to go over all aspects of not only diving and the world that so few of us get to experience under the sea, he also took time to listen to my fears, answer my plethora of questions and get to know me as a student which was very refreshing. Although I am still in the midst of achieving my PADI open water certification, I can’t say enough about the professionalism and true respect for the sport that Instructor Chris has portrayed. I can’t wait for my next dive and I am absolutely ecstatic to finally be certified and a “real diver”.
— Kait C.

Who Can Dive?

Diving is a perfect family, couple and independent sport.

Capture epic vacation photos and learn how to dive with your family. Learning to dive together will allow you and your family to know how to be safe divers and share in the experience of being underwater among the diversity of ocean life. Children 10 and older can get their PADI Open Water certification, and children older than 8 can start the PADI Bubblemaker program and begin learning how to be a confident and safe diver.

If you're celebrating an anniversary, honeymoon or just visiting Maui for a vacation, diving with your spouse allows you both to learn how to dive safely with each other. Being each other's dive buddy under the supervision of an instructor will allow you both to practice skills, which you can use as you continue to travel and explore the ocean!

If you're learning to dive independently, join a dive group with Chris, and learn how to dive safely and how to be an awesome scuba buddy on your future travels and adventures!

Class Schedule

Certification takes 2 days to complete, and dives are held in Makena, Wailea, and Kihei. Here's the schedule: 

Day 1: 2 confined and 2 open water training dives.

You will learn how to get comfortable in the water, and experience the new feeling of diving. After the dives you will have time to read your PADI Open Water book, ask questions, prepare for the next day of diving skills and certification exam.

Day 2: 2 confined and 2 open water training dives. 

You will learn how to be a confident diver, handle out of air emergencies and gear malfunctions – including how to help a buddy if a problem occurs. After the dives, you and Chris can go sit down for a happy-hour, grab some pupus, and take your certification test which is made up of 60 multi-choice questions.

How Deep?

As a PADI Open Water Diver, you're certified to dive to 60 feet deep.

During your training, your dives will be no deeper than 40 feet. Your first dive will start at 6 feet deep and after your comfortable, Chris will gradually take you deeper down to 30 feet.


To become a PADI Open Water Diver costs $529 per student. There's no hidden fees and the price includes everything:

  • 4 training dives - confined and open water dives.
  • 4 outdoor classroom sessions, prior to each dive.
  • Time to take the written open water test.
  • All scuba gear rentals, tanks, taxes, PADI Open Water Book, Recreational Dive Planner slate and PADI certification fees.

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Once You Start Diving You Won't Stop

Scuba diving is addicting and memorable. You'll never forget your first dive, and getting educated in dive safety and building confidence underwater is a strong start to a long life of diving.

As a PADI Open Water Diver, your certification will show diving operations around the world you're a trained diver who understands how to safely explore and respect the ocean.

Your certification never expires and there's no annual fee to keep in good standing. Once you're certified, you can scuba dive with other professional diving operations around the world, and walk into any diving shop and rent gear to continue your adventure!

Ready to Start Diving?