Ready to Blow Bubbles in the Dark?

Dive in and see the shift-change. 

Night diving in Maui is very slow, and the dive is focused on looking for octopi, shrimp and other nocturnal creatures. During the dive, you'll take a minute and turn off your light and as your wave your hand in front of your face, you will see the plankton glowing in the dark.

The dive is stays above 35' to keep you safe, and is for first-timers and for the experience. The depth allows for a longer dive along the reef looking into the crevices for all the things you don’t see during the day. This dive is perfect for a newly certified diver, looking to expand their knowledge and experience with diving, and for the experienced diver who enjoys viewing wildlife that you don’t see during the day.

Add a Maui Night Dive to Your Logbook

Explore a calm cove full wildlife and take a relaxing dive under the stars. 

Below is answers to commonly asked questions about your first night dive in Maui.


Guided Night Dives cost $99 per diver. The price includes all dive gear, tank rental and taxes.

Do I need to bring my certification card?

Yes, please bring your PADI Open Water Certification card, or your certification from another diving agency.

How long is the dive?

Night dives last between 30-45 minutes. Overall, the entire time for your dive should take under 90 minutes. This includes a few minutes for paperwork, 30-45 minutes to set-up gear and provide any refreshers if you haven't dove recently, and 30-45 minutes for the dive.

Afterwards, Chris will help you take your gear off, and you are welcome to ask Chris questions about diving or traveling through Maui.

What will you see during your dive?

During your night dive you will see an array of Maui ocean life. When diving, you never know what you we see, but in Maui it's common to see a variety of fish, green sea turtles, eels, crabs, shrimp and octopus.

Should I be worried about wildlife?

No. During the dive you will be swimming with fish and turtles. The rule is, look but don’t touch. The same goes for the coral or anything you see during the dive. As divers, we want to respect wildlife and not touch or kick anything during the dive.

What gear does Chris provide?

Chris will provide everything you need for your dive - including your BCD, regulator, mask, light, fins, wet-suit, weights, gauges and tanks. Chris uses new gear that is simple and easy to use, making your first dive a breeze.

If you have a prescription mask, please bring it along with you, or if you need a prescription mask, please contact Chris and he can suggest shops to visit to rent a mask.

If you have your own fins, wet-suit or other gear that makes you feel more comfortable while being in the water, feel free to bring them to your intro dive.


You must provide your own transportation to the dive site. If you don't have a rental car, you can use a taxi, or use Uber. Uber is awesome on Maui!

When will I know where we’re diving?

Chris will contact you a few days before your dive, and let you know what beach park will be the closest to you, and have the best diving that day. Depending on the weather, the dive site might be a few minutes from your lodging, or it might be 45-minutes away. If weather suddenly changes, Chris will contact you to discuss moving the dive to another beach park.

What beach parks?

Night dives are held at several places, the most common night dive site is: Makena Landing

What time do we dive?

Night dives will start 30-minutes before sunset. This allows for time to set-up gear and provide a dive briefing while there's still daylight.



After your dive, you can not fly or visit an elevation over 2,000 feet for 18 hours.

This means, you can not visit the summit of Haleakala or fly over to another island until 18 hours after your dive concludes. Chris will remind you of this during your dive, but if you have any questions please contact Chris at (808) 219-3336

Ready For Your Night Dive in Maui?

Reserve your guided night dive for $99 below, or contact Chris at (808) 219-3336