General Dive Questions

How many divers do you take on a dive?

I prefer to keep groups small, with a maximum of 4 divers. If your group is larger, please contact me at 808.219.3336 and I can accommodate. Taking smaller groups allows me to give each diver more attention and focus on the dive and showing you wildlife and features.

What days do you dive?

I dive 7 days a week. It’s better to dive on a weekday. On weekends, dive sites can become crowded with locals and visitors.

I haven’t dove in awhile, do you offer a refresher course?

Yes I do! If you haven’t dove recently, no worries. Before we put our gear on, I’ll walk you through the equipment, dive site and hand signals. We’ll have plenty of time to answer questions and make sure you're comfortable in the water before descending.

Do I need a special prescription mask if I have poor vision?

Yes. I don't carry any prescription masks. If you have poor vision without glasses, it would be best to visit a snorkel shop here in Maui, try on various masks to see which one matches closest to your prescription, and rent or purchase the mask before your dive(s) with me. You can rent and buy prescription masks at Boss Frog's Snorkel Shops around Maui.

Do I need a wetsuit?

I wear a wetsuit because I’m in the water multiple times a day. But the water in Maui is always around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Swim bottoms and a thin rash guard is plenty, but if you are typically chilly on a dive I'll have a spring wetsuit for you to wear.

Can I bring a camera on the dive?

Yes definitely! We’ll be seeing green turtles, butterfly fish, boxfish, goatfish, wrasse, puffers, eels, eagle rays, white tip sharks and maybe manta rays or spinner dolphins. And you never know, we might run into a tiger shark or monk seal.

Can I bring a speargun or dive knife with me?

No. Our dives in Maui will be Aloha style – laid back and calm. To reduce the risk of injury and liability, please do not bring these tools with you when we dive.

What if there’s bad weather in Maui on the day we’re suppose to dive?

If there’s a swell or large rainfall in Maui when we’re planning to dive, we have 3 options. One, we can relocate the dive to calmer waters. Two, we can schedule for another day. Or three we can cancel the dive and I will refund your payment.

What to bring on the dive?

  • Please bring a towel and water bottle with you on your dive day.
  • If you're diving more than once, snacks or a light lunch can be eaten between dives.
  • If you're a certified diver, please bring your certification card.

Wildlife & Safety Questions

Should I worry about sharks?

Yes and no. When diving there’s always a slim chance that we will run into a large predator which could be dangerous. Scuba diving is very safe, and if we do see a tiger shark or larger predator, we need to stay on the bottom and keep blowing bubbles. The last thing you want to do is surface and mimic injured prey. If we do see something large, we can observe it and keep our distance.

Can I touch coral and wildlife?

No. On the dives, we are there to observe nature, not damage, harass or harm anything. Touching coral can cause injuries to both you and the coral, and if your hand happens to slip into a hole in the coral, you might be kissing a couple fingers goodbye. Moray Eels live in the coral and if they bite down on your digits, you're going to be spending the rest of your vacation at Maui Memorial.

What type of wildlife is dangerous in Maui?

Beyond large predators such as tiger sharks, we have eels and jellyfish occasionally.

Visiting Haleakala and flying home after a dive?

After your dive, you must stay below 2,000 feet for 12 hours, and if you dive multiple times you must wait 18 hours before ascending above 2,000 feet. So if you have a trip back home or voyage up the volcano scheduled for after the dive, we must rebook or cancel the dive.

Are you certified in CPR and First Aid?

Yes I am. I’m certified and current in both CPR & First Aid, and I'm also a CPR / First Aid / Emergency 02 instructor.

Cancellation Policy

If you call me (808-219-3336) and cancel within 24 hours before your dive, I’ll refund your full payment. If weather is a safety issue, we can relocate or reschedule your dive, or we can cancel your booking and I'll refund your payment.

If you do not show up to our dive or cancel/reschedule 24 hours before our dive, I will not refund your payment.