My First Dive: 5 Minutes Scuba Diving in the Red Sea

My First Dive Was Spontaneous

My interest in scuba diving started in my freshman year of high school. I listened to a speech from an underwater welder and was hooked on the idea of working below sea level. Well, the underwater welder school didn't cross my path, and years later I found myself traveling through Egypt making changes to my travel plans due to a terrorist attack.

My flights from Sharm to Luxor were cancelled due to safety concerns. Stuck at a luxury resort (thanks to my better half) I started to get restless, thinking what can I do to occupy myself on vacation. Lucky for me, I was only feet away from a body of water famous for scuba diving.

I met with a PADI instructor and he convinced me to give diving a try, and after one dive I was determined to find a way to make a livelihood from this sport.