Videos: Diving the HTMS Sattaku in Koh Samui, Thailand

Wreck Diving in the South China Sea!

I live an awesome life. I was fortunate to spend 3 weeks in Thailand in May of 2017. I spent time diving in Koh Samui where I had the experience to dive and swim with 2 whale sharks. Unfortunately that magical moment was during the 3rd dive of the day, and I was sick of hauling my GoPro around. Go figure, the one dive I leave my camera behind, I swim with a 36' long whale.

My first dive in Thailand was around Koh Tao. From Koh Samui, I jumped on a catamaran and enjoyed the 60 minute boat ride through the South China Sea. We dove down to 90 feet and swam around the HTMS Sattaku wreck, a WW2 boat equipped with two machine guns on the deck. As an artificial reef, the wreck was full of life and home to a pack of groupers.