Learn the PADI Dive Tables in 12 Minutes

Aloha, congrats on starting your PADI Open Water certification!

Whether you're getting certified with me, or with another dive operation, the YouTube videos below are helpful clips explaining how to use the PADI dive table.

Learning the PADI Dive Tables is fairly simple. The most important aspect of using the tables, is being able to keep track of your Residual Nitrogen when diving multiple times a day. Below is a clear and helpful YouTube video from Scuba Nashville, which explains how to use Depth + Time to find your Pressure Group and how to find what your Residual Nitrogen Time is after each dive.

Also, don't forget to read the small print on the back side of the table. All the information you need to know about flying after diving, cold weather diving and other questions on the test are already answered on the back of the table! Pretty cool right?


Finding the Maximum Allowable Bottom Time

On your PADI Open Water test, there will be 1 or 2 questions about finding the Maximum Allowable Bottom Time. After you're certified you will want to plan your days of multiple dives conservatively. Below is another video from Scuba Nashville to explain how to find your Maximum Allowable Bottom time.


Finding the Minimum Surface Interval

The last video here, shows you how to find your Minimum Surface Interval between 2 dives. You will have 1 to 2 questions on your PADI Open Water test that requires you to find a Minimum Surface Interval. In the video below, Scuba Nashville walks you through how to use your dive table to find a Minimum Surface Interval.