No Worries! Learning to Scuba Dive in Maui is Easy

Nervous about scuba diving?

Are you worried about getting sea sick? Worried about sharks? No problem! Learning to scuba dive in Maui will eliminate your worries. Here’s why.

Being Nervous Is 100% Expected

If you’re nervous about your first time scuba diving then congratulations, you’re a human! It’s very rare to not be nervous about your first time diving, and your instructor knows this. There’s a reason why many instructors (including Chris) keep dive groups very small. Small groups allow for plenty of time to get comfortable in the water, ask questions, practice skills, swim with turtles and have the instructor's undivided attention.

When learning to dive, the primary focus is getting comfortable in the water. If you’re not comfortable, then safety can become an issue, and you’re probably not having fun. No fun is not allowed in Maui. Ever. So, on your first dive with your instructor, you will start shallow and snorkel in your scuba gear. After you’re comfortable snorkeling looking at pretty fish, you will start your first dive at 6 feet deep. You’ve likely been in pools deeper than this. Kneeling on the sandy bottom, you will practice breathing underwater and once you’re comfortable you will slowly swim out to 8 feet deep, then 10 feet, then 12 feet, then 15 feet, then 20 feet, then if you’re feeling awesome (which you will be) you will swim out to 30 feet deep with your instructor.

As you experience your first dive, you will have plenty of time for photos, swimming with sea turtles and looking at all the snorkelers above you and realize all the epic scenery they are missing!

No Boat = No Seasickness

Boats are fun, and needed when diving Molokini Crater or if you’re an experienced diver looking to go deep. But for newbie’s who are learning to scuba dive, you don’t need to hire a boat or add the anxiety of jumping into water so deep you can’t see the bottom with shore looking very-very far away. Plus, you can avoid big waves causing someone (there’s always at least one) spending their dive time stuck on the boat, hovering over a trash can.

In Maui, we’re blessed to have over 30 miles of tropical beaches, with the ability to walk into the water with scuba gear and dive! That’s right, you can walk across scenic sandy beaches, and dive. The biggest pro with shore diving, is you start diving in shallow water, around 6 feet deep and swim out deeper as you feel more and more comfortable. During the entire time you’re learning to scuba dive, you can see the bottom below. Which reduces anxiety, but and if you feel anxious and want to ascend, no problem! Your instructor will be there with you to help you safely ascend and relax at the surface.

Sharks are Scared of Your Bubbles

Well most sharks are. Shark attacks do happen, but rarely do they happen to a scuba diver. The reason is you’re blowing bubbles underwater. When you exhale, your air has to go somewhere, right? As you breath, you will have bubbles leaving your regulator which scares away big sharks. Sure, you have a chance of seeing a Tiger Shark, but it’s unlikely. But as Herzog says, it's part of the trill!

What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams.
— Werner Herzog

However, you will likely see reef sharks! White tip sharks are small, around 5 to 6 feet long and typically are found lying on the sandy bottom. When diving you can swim close to them, so you can admire their beauty, but no touching or harassing. These are gentle animals who don't want us grabbing them, just like how you don't want a shark touching you. 

If you have a fear of sharks, after you swim with one you will highly likely no longer be scared and will find yourself having a completely different perspective on them. The horror stories you’ve heard in the news, typically occur due to a person swimming on the surface mimicking a wounded animal, or they are chumming the waters to attract sharks, fishing, harassing the sharks or invading a breeding ground. Basically, the person was doing something that was harming the shark.

Why Learn To Dive with Chris?

When you’re learning to scuba dive with Chris, you will only be diving with other new divers. You won't be mixed into a group with experienced divers or scheduled in-between other dives. This will allow you and Chris to work at a pace that is conducive to your learning, allowing you to become comfortable in the water and a confident diver. 

The only time you will be diving with certified divers, is if your significant other or buddy that you traveled with to Maui is already certified. In that case, bring them along! If it’s your first time diving, having a small group with an instructor, plus your certified bestie will only help you feel more comfortable in the water.

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